Get your company into shape with FIT Marketing!



Get Your Company into Shape with Fit Marketing!

The owners of FIT have been involved in online marketing since 2006. We do this through an individualized approach, working with you as the direct advertiser and creating a plan, brand and action for your business.

With FIT you’ll get strategies that are based on your businesses’ individual needs and expert direction for any endeavor.

Our team has diverse solutions and can give you the edge you need so that all of your marketing, customer and product requirements are met – and then some!

Accounting and
Payment Processing

Looking for smoother transactions? We can help with our payment processing and accounting options for your business. Whether you want to do it yourself or just need a little extra help, we have a wide variety of finance options including payment reconciliation, cash flow solutions, collecting processes and financial reporting.

Need Merchant Accounts?

We can help you add a bit of muscle to credit card processing needs with options including:

  • High Risk Markets & Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Payments
  • International and Domestic Sales

Customer Service

Customer service is the heart of any healthy business and we can provide the assistance that you need to ensure happy clientele. Our staff will provide you with quality monitoring, track customer inquiries and oversee your quality control review.

How can we help you? No seriously…how can we help YOU?

Our expert customer service solutions include:

  • Live Chat Assistance
  • Phone Order Acceptance
  • Bi-lingual Phone room
  • Email Support and Follow up


Performance Marketing is all about appearance, making sure that your website is attracting the right kinds of people that want to buy and creating engaging content that encourages visitors to your landing pages or website to be act. Choose from exclusive offers and create optimized pages that monetize your pay per click campaigns, sales or other goals.

Plus, we have a CRM available that will incorporate all of the needs of your business, enabling you to track payments and establish stable marketing campaigns, while developing sales funnels that will bring the money home to your business.

  • Live Chat Assistance
  • Phone Order Acceptance
  • Bi-lingual Phone room
  • Email Support and Follow up

Fulfillment and
Supply Chain Management

Once you have your campaign ready to go, get product to your customers with coordinated customer service, inventory reporting and returns or shipping tracking. We provide business solutions to make sure your clients get the right products and in a timely manner.

  • Southwest US warehouse
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Comprehensive Notification System
  • Branded Tracking Page for Customers
  • Inventory Reporting and Controls
Know what you want but not where to get it? We can help you.

With our worldwide connections, we can connect you with manufacturers for your products and private label suppliers. We can also help you design your product idea from the ground up, customizing a marketing plan that is most ideal for your needs, while creating your brand.

Reporting and
Dashboard Mechanics

Get a deeper look of what is going on with your sales by tracking revenue and all other transactions. With our tools you can keep up to date on the ins and outs of your business, create custom reports and synch all of your information with our CRM database. Advanced reporting features include subscription metric control and can track payments, cancellations, chargebacks, refunds and more!

Plus, you’ll also be able to manage the following:
  • Average order values (AOV) monitoring
  • Monitor your EPC (Earnings per click)
  • Track click thru rates for your affiliates and see which affiliates are performing best

Landing Page Design Services

Your business needs strong landing pages that not only attract viewers to your page, but actually convert those viewers to do something. Engage your audience and propel them to the next step with high converting landing pages that capture the eye and entice them to buy, with a focus on mobile pages that are easy to read when viewed from a tablet or smartphone.

You’ll send a powerful message with expert campaigns designed to convert leads and boost product sales.

Fit Marketing & Logistics

helps your business thrive!

Take the smart step and give us a call today so that we can show you what kind of custom solutions are available.


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